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The Flight Of The Earls - In Story and Song
Audio Book by John McCavitt

The Flight Of The Earls - In Story and Song - Copyright 2004, Annahaia Records.  All Rights Reserved.

An audio book entitled 'The Flight of the Earls, in Story and Song' has also been recorded.

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Introduction to 'The Flight of the Earls in Story and Song' audio book

   Audio Book Contents:

1.         Introduction 

2.         Overture  (M. Erskine-M. Jones)  PRS-BMI     2:15 

3.         Chapter 1: The Wooing of Mabel (McCavitt)  5:06 

4.         Mo Stóirín (M. Erskine-M. Jones-J. McCavitt-

             S. McCavitt)    PRS-BMI   3:23


5.         Chapter 2:  Death and Vendetta  (McCavitt) 1:28 

6.         Mabel’s Requiem  (Erskine-Jones)  PRS-BMI   5:15 

7.         Chapter 3: Dual To The Death  (McCavitt)    1:56 

8.         Bagenal’s March (Erskine-Jones)  PRS-BMI   2:00 

9.         Chapter 4:  Fighting for faith and fatherland 

            (McCavitt)     1:49 

10.       O’Neill’s Call (Erskine-Jones)  PRS-BMI   1:47 

11.       Chapter 5:  The sword dance   (McCavitt)    2:57 

12.       The Matachine  (Erskine-Jones)  PRS-BMI   2:46 

13.        Chapter 6:  A noble shipload (Mc Cavitt)   5:06 

14.        Imeacht na n-Iarlaí (The Flight of the Earls) 

             (Erskine-Jones-McCavitt) PRS-BMI     4:16 

15.        Chapter 7:  The Winds of Cruel Fate  (McCavitt) 3:28 

16.        The Peacock’s Feather (Erskine-Jones)  PRS-BMI 3:38 

17.        Chapter 8:  Death in exile  (McCavitt)   3:15 

18.        Lost Chieftains of Tyrconnell

              (Erskine-Jones-McCavitt)  PRS-BMI   4:40 

19          Chapter 9:  Passed Time and Good Company 

              (McCavitt)   2:33 

20.         Dice, Damsha Agus Uisce Baugh

               (Erskine-Jones-McCavitt)  PRS-BMI  2:10 

21.         Chapter 10:  Destruction By Peace  (McCavitt)   2:53 

22.          My Distant Homeland / Exiles’ Anthem

               (Erskine-Jones-McCavitt)  PRS-BMI   6:55 

23.          Chapter 11:  Spare a Thought   (McCavitt)  2:42 

24.           Farewell To Their Land  (Erskine-Jones) 

                PRS-BMI  3:31      

25.           Conclusion  

Contributor Biographies

Dr. John McCavitt, FRHistS - Author/Narrator
Widely published author of articles and books on Early Modern Ireland, including Sir Arthur Chichester, Lord Deputy of Ireland 1605-1616 (Belfast 1998), The Flight Of The Earls (Dublin 2002).  Dr. John McCavitt has also written a play on The Flight Of The Earls.

Maura Erskine - Composer/Singer
Maura has had a very varied career singing in leading roles in early opera and medieval entertainment in England and the USA.  She has composed 3 original CD albums, Around The Ring Of Gullion, Ring Of Mourne and Celtic Echoes.

Miles Jones - Producer/Arranger & Engineer
Miles is a multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter  He is equally at home in the Jazz idiom and the orchestral symphonic genre.  Originally from Buffalo, NY, Miles has produced many original albums on both sides of the Atlantic.

Billy Finnegan - Singer
Billy is a singer and songwriter.  A native of Co. Armagh, Ireland, who has enjoyed over thirty years as an international Entertainer.

Cecile La Rochelle - Singer
Cecile is an international Entertainer.  Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada with material Irish roots to the core and paternal inscription of her soul.

Bruno Patron - Cover Art
Known as Patron of the Arts, Bruno is a professional artist who has made Ireland his home.  He is a specialist in original paintings, cartoons, animation and murals.

Recorded at Annahaia Records
Special thanks to Siobhann McCavitt, Mark and Niall McCavitt for their inspiration and help.

  The Flight Of The Earls in Story and Song
©2004 Annahaia Records