Beauty Secrets For Radiant Skin

When we think of radiant skin, many of us currently have the image of perfectly groomed Asian women in mind. These Far Eastern beauties of Korean cosmetics owe their flawless complexion.

Today we want to think here on the Beauty Blog about which tips, tricks and products we as Europeans can copy – freely according to the motto of the Asianication trend!

Asianication: we can learn that from K-Beauty & Co.!

Soft to the touch, wrinkle-free skin, an indescribable glow and rosy, full lips – Asian women have internalised their ideal of beauty and simply know how to make the best of themselves with the right care. And it looks a bit different for us Europeans. Many of us use moisturizers only sporadically and in the evenings they make up more or less badly – every Korean just shakes her head.

If we are honest, some Asian beauty secrets might do us good. But not only new skin aging treatment and cosmetic tips are part of the Asianication movement, but also the appreciative attitude Asians have towards their skin. Because what you value and don’t take for granted, you don’t neglect – carefauxpas are a thing of the past!

Typically Asian!

But what is it that makes Asian skin care so special? Now there is something obvious that has nothing to do with the products themselves: The packaging of K-Beauty is mostly terribly cute. Of course, this has a lot to do with Asian culture – especially in Japan and Korea, cute animal faces and candy colours are simply part of the lifestyle.

But it gets really interesting when it comes to the application of Asian products – until recently we in Europe didn’t even know what a Cushion Foundation was, let alone how to apply it. And even today there are still many Asian beauty products where the European stares helplessly at the instructions for use in strange characters – but luckily there are YouTube tutorials!

Make-up in Korean!

Of course, a Korean Face of the Day cannot do without a number of typical Asian products. Even before the actual make-up begins, Asian women like to devote themselves to their extensive skin care ritual: In a complex procedure, numerous serums and creams for the respective skin type are applied in a strict order and carefully patted in. Special massage techniques are often used to help relieve unwanted swelling.

Noble pallor, youthful Glow!

After this intensive preparation, the skin usually already has a youthful Glow – to strengthen this, a Cushion Foundation with a proper shine effect is now applied. If it looks like freshly creamed, the look is just right.

Another aspect that stands for the Asianication trend: The elegant pallor! Those who don’t want to exchange the sun-kissed summerint for the pallor that is so desirable in Asia should rather keep their hands off Korean products with a whitening function.

Ask “Lips” and “Puffy Eyes

The Asian Beauty Tips for beautiful skin with the Blush continue – here in Korea almost exclusively cream and liquid textures are used in order not to destroy the Glow. When it comes to lip make-up, Asian women love a natural gradient look, also known as “bitten Lips”. A pink or pink liptint is applied to the inner part of the lips and gently veneered on the outside.

During the eye make-up the spirits of the Asianication fans divide. Some adopt the Asian look, which tries to create the optical illusion of youthful-friendly “Puffy Eyes” with artistic shadow settings. Others, on the other hand, see the different eye shape as a reason to adapt the Asian make-up technique to European needs. Here only popular colours, such as pink eye shadow, are adopted.

Rice, algae, green tea and honey for radiant skin

Both in decorative Asian beauty products and in skin care, special ingredients are contained that are supposed to ensure radiant skin. Many people are of the opinion that the Asian cosmetics industry is the most advanced in the world, because special vitamins and natural substances such as rice, algae, green tea and honey were used here years ago. But K-Beauty also makes use of more unusual, innovative ingredients such as synthetic snake venom.

We can copy these 5 beauty tips from Asian women:

The body as a temple

Health and a youthful appearance are not self-evident – therefore we should treat our body with respect and love in order to keep it as fit as possible. This starts with nutrition and of course also includes an individual skin care program.

Glow Baby Glow!

Even if you’re crazy about a radiant complexion and your own skin tone isn’t too dark, Asian foundations and BB creams are simply a hit!

Beauty time

Asian women like to take a lot of time for their beauty care. That’s exactly what we can learn from them, because with the daily beauty ritual you automatically have a bit of me-time and a mini face spa built into your own agenda.

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