Nutrition and Cats!

Below is a topic that has so many benefits and drawbacks I might fill up 10 to 15 web pages and also still not come to a convincing conclusion. It boils down to industrial refined food versus healthy foods plus the question do we feed our animals vitamins and supplements, as well.

What really is natural pet food? The very first point that comes to mind is raw, unadulterated food. Really mice and birds with possibly a squirrel or 2 included are healthy foods for a pet cat. Consuming any one of these animals would supply your pet cat with all the proper nourishment it would certainly require to live a long as well as healthy life.

According to the Pet Food Committee of the AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) “all-natural” as it associates with pet food is a food or component derived only from a plant, an animal or an extracted source. It can either be in it’s natural state (raw) or refined by several means including cooking.

The food per se stays “natural” as long as it has actually not undergone a chemical artificial procedure as well as does not contain any additives that are chemically artificial. Prophylene Glycol and BHA are two examples of chemically manufactured active ingredients. Currently don’t you feel smarter?

Industrial family pet food producers have established recommendations given to them by AAFCO that established the standards for supplying minerals and vitamins for our pet dogs in their food. These criteria do not give the maximum degree of nutrients required. They just supply sufficient required to avoid our pet dogs from having a minerals and vitamin deficiency.

In an optimal globe all commercially prepared pet dog food would provide our pet dogs with a completely healthy and balanced as well as balanced diet. Not also the absolute best tinned or completely dry food produced cats is excellent. Check out this link for more info on cats,

There is not a 100% balanced and also total food to be located anywhere, no matter what the tag claims. Pet dog food essentially is processed by warmth and also as we know warmth damages vitamins and also enzymes. Also frozen and freeze-dried animal foods are not the “100% ideal food” to feed your pet.

The ASPCA thinks “if your animal is eating a healthy well balanced diet regimen of high quality food, then vitamin supplements is not required.” I believe that statement holds true generally, however below on the planet of humans, we try to eat best and still locate it necessary to take vitamins and also supplements to offset the refined foods we eat.

So what is the solution, when it concerns caring for our pet cats. One point I recognize for certain is that it is very important as a feline moms and dad that you avoid including supplements to your feline’s diet plan without initial consulting your veterinarian. The workings of a pet cat’s inner system is extremely different than that of a pet dogs and numerous supplements and/or people medicines can trigger severe troubles for a cat.

It is really possible to “over dosage” your family pet with vitamins and various other supplements. Our adage is “when doubtful” call your veterinarian before you attempt any type of point new.

The purpose of this phase is not to reform any one of you, yet to educate and enlighten you to the alternatives open regarding feeding your cat. To start with I will certainly inform you the story of our 3 pet cats and what they consume. At our house we are really broad-minded, we recognize excellent nutrition for ourselves and we adhere to a healthy and balanced diet (without extremes).

We work every day as well as are in excellent health. The same holds true for our cats (no they do not function, however are in very good health.) If our doctor and also our veterinarian had to depend upon us for assistance, they both would certainly have come to be street individuals.

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